Amanda & Brandon

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Amanda & Brandon



Amanda and I met by coincidence one day when I was standing in the check-out line at Joann's Fabrics! She had asked what project I was working on and I explained how I was looking to do some new packaging for my photography business. She then told me that she was planning a wedding for the following April! We exchanged contacts and a few months later she booked! 

Take a look at how Amanda's big day unfolded!


 "My wedding day started out chaotic!  I had to hem my sister’s bridesmaid dress at 5:30 in the morning; we were late getting to the salon and then late getting to my grandmother’s house to get ready.  My aunt was setting up for the reception and was calling me with all the problems I couldn’t solve and to top it all off my mom was in the hospital getting bone marrow injections to try and get her body to produce white blood cells.  She was having a reaction to the shot and was almost hospitalized!"


"Getting to the church was crazy because we were behind schedule or at least the schedule I had in my head.  We go to give the groomsmen their boutonnieres and the florist sent two instead of three."


"Finally, I walked down the aisle and the craziness stopped!"


Brandon surprised me with a new wedding band when we exchanged rings!"


"When we finally got to the reception, it was just as I had pictured it.  The food was delicious and my cousin made amazing cocktails."


Amanda used her creative touch to design most of the decorations at the reception!

"After the reception, my cousins, my brother, my sister, our friends, Brandon and I got on the party bus and we went to the South Side and partied.  It was such a beautiful spring day and everything was absolutely perfect.   I am so happy we finally got to celebrate our wedding on our two year anniversary!"


Congratulation Amanda & Brandon!!


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